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About Clear Pass

The dangers of road spray

Spray emitted from heavy vehicles in wet weather is a major safety hazard, causing serious problems to all motorists, especially on motorways.

Water impacting a standard mud flap or fender breaks up and forms a fine particle spray blowing out from the side and rear of the vehicle into the path of overtaking vehicles.

Drivers of overtaking cars can lose vision entirely; a few moments can seem endless. The situation is frightening and potentially dangerous. Similarly for the truck driver, rear vision is obstructed, causing further danger for trucks and cars.

30 years of proven performance

The Clear Pass® spray suppression system is designed to reduce hazardous road spray.

Clear Pass® minimises the dangers of spray hazards, containing much of the water thrown up by tyres and returning it to the road surface, ensuring:

– Improved visibility to following vehicles

– Improved rear vision to drivers

– Less fouling of vehicles

– Contributing to road safety