More advantages than any other systems

Clear Pass is the recognized leader amongst the spray suppression systems currently available worldwide. Its unique one piece manufacture guarantees its longevity, performance and strength.

1.     Legislation
Clear Pass complies with every aspect of the law on spray suppression (EC Directive 91/226/EEC, part of the ECWVTA 2007/46/EC) with Type Approval N° A e6 2020.

2.     No size Limitation
Clear Pass is available in any required size, even for small volume requirements.

3.     Ease of installation
Clear Pass is easy to install, easy to handle and easy to shape and cut to size without specific tools.

4.     Weight
Clear Pass is not unnecessarily heavy and belongs to the lightest spray suppression systems available.

5.     Durability
Clear Pass resists to the toughest weather conditions without any risk of breakages.

6.     Logo printing
Clear Pass offers durable logo printing from a choice of 12 colours.

7.     Environment
Clear Pass is made from 100% PE and hence 100% recyclable

8.     Quality
Clear Pass is manufactured under ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and TS 16949 2002, your guarantee for quality.

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